Vertebral Axial Traction System with Biofeedback


Equipment known as TRITON DTS of CHATTANOOGA for computerised traction, for both cervical and lumbar areas, which has been a breakthrough in the treatment of disc hernias.  This computer program of intelligent traction, "misleads" the deep muscles to relax and thereby makes traction very efficient and totally safe. For this purpose we have preset programs and a system of feed-back with surface electrodes in the event of muscle "defence". This decreases the range of the herniated disc decompression traction and eliminates all possible adverse effects of a stroke.

Effects of traction:
- Opening of the vertebral disc space.
- Increase in the size of the spinal channel.
- Decompression of inter-vertebral joints.
- Stretching of a retracted or painful capsule.
- Release of adhesions to the nerve roots.
- Production of a depression in the central area of the disc that tends to reduce the herniation and recenter the disc.
- Reducing tension of the common vertebral posterior ligament which reduces the herniated disc.
- Relaxation of muscle spasm
Source: Sohail Physiotherapy Clinic

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