VelaShape™ is the new medical non surgical solution, safe and effective for the treatment of cellulite and which employs the revolutionary Elós technology which reduces the layers of fat, the body's contour and orange peel skin. VelaShape™ combines, in one piece of equipment, the power of Elós technology (bipolar radiofrequency and infrared) with vacuum therapy or mechanical massage carried out with a suction system. The combination of these types of energy increases the metabolism of the accumulated fat, favours the drainage of lymphatic and reduces cellulite. It is applied via rollers specially designed to carry out mechanical massage, respecting the skin as well as easing the efficient and safe emission of thermal energy. 

VelaShape™ an be app lied to different areas of the body like legs, gluteus, thighs, abdomen, sides, arms, it has two different terminals designed for large and small areas of the body. The sessions last 30 minutes and it is recommended that a 8 week treatment be followed to obtain satisfactory results. Institute Médico Miramar is the first Centre to incorporate Velashape into its treatments. In any of our centres in Málaga or San Pedro de Alcántara we will be more than happy to study your case without obligation, always offer ing the most adequate treatment for you. 
VelaShape™VelaShape T is a non invasive treatment, for which reason, after its application there is no need for inactive periods, the patient can return to their normal life immediately.
The combination of the VelaShape T techniques permit the reduction of the body's contours and combats cellulite in an effective, quick and safe manner.
The treatment is painless, the patient will only experiment a sensation of heat in the areas treated after its application.
The treatment is safe for all types of skin
The treatment is ideal after pregnancy or after liposuction, as the action of the combined techniques of VelaShape T work against flaccidity and accumulations of fat, remoulding areas treated and returning their terseness.
VelaShape™Velashape T isn't a treatment for generalized obesity but it is for localised obesity. It being very convenient to combining dietary treatment for generalised obesity with Velashape T , in order to improve the accumulations of fat that mars the patient's silhouette.
Source: Miramar Medical Institute

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