This is the first treatment to mould the body's contours safely and without surgery, using ultrasonic energy and eliminating the unaesthetic alterations of the body. It isn't invasive, or aggressive, or painful, it provokes obvious and measurable changes to the bodies silhouette. Immediately after the treatment you can resume your usual daily activities without a problem.

The treatment with Ultrashape employees ultrasonic technology scientifically demonstrated as non invasive, to eliminate unwanted fat. The ultrasonic waves selectively eliminate the adipocytes or fatty cells in the chosen areas without damaging nerves, veins or the surrounding skin. This is prescribed for the treatment of localised obesity resistant to diets, where it is necessary to provoke a reduction in body contour volume without using surgery.
The areas for treatment are: Abdomen, inner and outer thigh (saddlebags), hips, back, buttocks, area under the buttocks (banana rolls) and pectoral area in men. With only one treatment you will notice an average reduction of two centimetres in body contour, it being possible to evaluate this loss with a fat ultrasound. In determined cases, the Ultrashape treatment can be combined with Non invasive subdermal therapy, Radiofrequency, Mesotherapy or Vibrotherapy, all this to achieve better results for you. Your doctor will indicate which is the best option for you. 
SourceInsituto Medico Miramar

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