Tensing Lift


Non-surgical solutions are available to solve facial problems that, until now, did not have any other possible solution that a surgical intervention.

This search for less aggressive solutions lead us to the development of a series of internal sutures that help us to reposition the tissue and the skin into its original location.
These tensing lifts are sutures that are used under the subcutaneous tissue, that is, under the skin and, their mission is to tauten the skin again and place it in a higher position, giving the face a younger look.
In a certain way, these tensing lifts replace the effects of a lifting procedure, but in a much less aggressive way.
The tensing lifts are implanted in the outpatient department, that is, there is no hospitalization, the patient has the procedure in the morning and in an hour, more or less, can go home. It is done with local anaesthesia, there is no visible scarring, except for an incision of approximately 1 cm under the ear or in the area of the hair on the forehead.
Some of the advantages of the tensing lifts are that they are reabsorbed, that is, they are not permanent sutures, there is no visible scar, they are placed with local anaesthetic and, although they only work for about two years, when part of the effect is lost, they can be used again without any problems.
Areas that can be improved with this technique are: 
The mandibular ridge removing the excess skin at the commisure.
Correction of the nasolabial folds and elevation of the cheek.
Correction of the sagging of the end of the eyebrow
General improvement of the face.
It is a painless treatment, that is performed in the outpatient department and that needs a repose of the face of just one week until everything stabilizes. In one week we can resume our normal life.
Source; Miramar Medical Institute

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