Shock Waves


Salivary glands, pancreas, gallbladder, urethra and kidney stones have traditionally been treated with shock waves (technique known as Lithotripsy). They have also been used for musculoskeletal inflammation, calcification of soft tissue, cartilage defects and rehabilitation. Notice its beneficial effects on:

- Analgesia: destruction of nerve endings, changes in the nerve transmission by "gate control" and inhibition of nerve endings by the releasing of endorphins.
- Anti-inflammatory effect: degrading of the mediators of the inflammation due to induced hyperthermia.
- Temporary increase of vascularization: paralysis induced by the waves.
- Activation of angiogenesis: capillary intraendothelial fracture and migration of endothelial cells to the interstitial space and activation of the angiogenic factor.
- Fragmentation of the calcareous deposits: by the waves´ effect.
- Neosteogenesis: stimulating the osteogenic factors by ostogenic micronization.
All of these factors allow the shock waves to be used for the tendonitis treatment and the chronic enthesopathies of diverse location with or without calcification, delaying of the consolidation of fractures and installed pseudo-arthrosis, chronic fasciitis, post-traumatic muscular fibrosis, osteo-condritis, vascular necrosis and solitary cysts in the bones.
In the present day, it is used in the field of medicine for the treatment of cellulite and the so-called "orange skin", improving the elasticity of the skin and the tone of the muscle. The shock waves provoke a decompression of the hypertrophied cellulite cells favouring the weight loss.
Source: Sohail Physiotherapy Clinic

Other names

Extracorporal Lithotripsy, Orthopaedic Lithotripsy

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