Secondary Rhinoplasty


Each face has an individual and proportioned nose. The surgeon job is to discover it and explain it to the patient and overall, being able to build it during the surgical procedure.

This operation is always carried out in an operating theatre and depending on the patient can be carried out under local or general anaesthetic. If it is done in the morning the patient can go home that day. The procedure takes an hour or two, doesn't leave a visible scar and permits us to correct all the aspects planned previously. It is left in plaster some ten days and with internal plugs for four to five days.
The objective of these plugs is to avoid bleeding and moulds the nose from within. The postoperative period is not painful, but the patient must collaborate by breathing through their mouth for the first days.
On taking off the cast the result will be perfect, however, there will be a period of moderate inflammation which can last two to three months. From the moment the cast is taken off or the plugs the patient can recuperate their normal life style. By the way, don't forget that the objective of this is not to have a perfect and "operated" nose but harmonic noses in proportion with the face which governs them.

Can I have the same nose than a famous person?
No, the nose is an absolutely individual and personal element in the facial traits, so other person’s nose cannot be placed in any face, the result will be surely awful.
In a rounded face, a large nose doesn’t fit, and vice versa, in a large face a small nose doesn’t fit.


Will I have scars?
Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that takes advantage from the nose holes to do the incisions, so this procedure will not leave scars.
Only in very complex surgeries or nose surgery that have been performed two or three times it is necessary an incision in the nose column.

Will I need a plaster cast?
If we break the nose bone, it will be necessary a plaster cast the first 10 days. Nose bones are broken when we need to reduce the nose back or bridge
In how many days will I get recovered?
In ten days, when we remove the plaster cast the nose will have a partially normal aspect. But there will be inflammatory process in the nose end that takes longer to improve.
In spite of the inflammation, people won’t notice it from three weeks although the patient may think that they notice it.

Will I breathe better?
The nose’s respiratory function doesn’t depend on the aesthetic surgery, so in an aesthetic surgery the respiratory function won’t be changed.
To improve the respiratory function specific actions needs to be done like touching the bridge, the turbinate or the nose valve.

Source: Instituto Medico Miramar

Other names

Nose Job

Trip requirements

Outpatient operation

3 days follow up after operation

optionnally 12 more days to remove plaster

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