Radiofrequency ACCENT XL - ULTRA


ACCENT XL-ULTRA is the treatment for generalized and localized cellulite.  It consists in applying radiofrequency energy through the skin with radiofrequency emitter that heats the subcutaneous fat, while maintaining the skin refrigerated at a superficial level.  With this treatment one achieves a significant reduction of the orange peel characteristic of cellulite, an important decrease of the volume of the treated areas, be it complete legs, abdomen, trunk and arms, an improvement of the appearance of the skin by an increase of the synthesis of the patients’ own collagen.

The use of the new Uniform and Unilarge head, combining uni-polar radiofrequency and lymphatic drainage simultaneously, allows the best results on cellulite.
The treatment is totally painless and is done in approximately 6-8 sessions, every 15 days to 2 months. The maintenance of these results in the long term must be done in one or two annual sessions.
The application of the ultrasound module of the new Accent Ultra complements the magnificent results of the Accent XL in cellulite treatment, improving its efficiency in the treatment of localized fat in any body area. The areas most frequently treated with Accent Ultra are the abdomen, thighs, inside of the thigh, sides of the leg, knees and chin. . 
The combination of uni-polar radiofrequency plus ultrasound results in a larger centimetre reduction that the one resulting in using these techniques separately. Accent Ultra is a significant advance in the non surgical treatment of the alterations of the body contour. 
Instituto Medico Miramar has been a pioneer in the application of this technique in Europe. 
Source: Instituto Medico Miramar

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