Precision Laser


This is a revolutionary laser technique that allows the user of the Erbio – Yag laser on its own or combined with CO2 lasers removing facial wrinkles, spots on face and hands, rejuvenation of the neck and cleavage area, solar photo-ageing, all of this with just one session and local anaesthetic.


The treatment of benign dermatological lesions with Erbio-Yag and CO2 lasers make the removal of these kinds of lesions without surgery and almost no scars, in a quick and safe way, and in just one session, be it on the face or on the body.  A previous correct diagnosis of the lesion is necessary, with just your doctor needed to perform the study. The treatment is performed with local anaesthetic in a few minutes, it is painless. High precision lasers, like Erbio-Yag and CO2 easily remove these kinds of lesions, with less damage to the surrounding area than earlier systems, like the electric scalpel or dry ice. Because of this, the epithelialization and scarring is, in the majority of cases, perfect, nearly indiscernible and in very few days. At Instituto Medico Miramar we employ all of the most recent Erbio-Yag and CO2 lasers for the treatment of these lesions, like: Laser Derma-K (Erbio-Yag+CO2), Laser Spectra Action (Erbio-Yag) and Laser Pixel CO2 surgical.

Source: Instituto Medico Miramar

Other names

Erbio-Yag Laser, CO2, Ablative Laser Procedure

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