Photodynamic Varicose Veins Therapy


Photodynamic Varicose Veins Therapy is the latest treatment for the non-invasive treatment for thick varicose veins, as there was no option before this treatment but to treat them surgically. 

This technique is performed in the operating room and consists, in the first instance, in finding the varicose vein with a Eco-doppler, studying its trajectory and valuing its diameter. Afterwards with a small spot of local anaesthetic, the vein is channelled with a small insulin needle and Polidocanol Foam is injected, this is a sclerosing substance that penetrates and closes the vein, all of it painless. 
Once the vein is closed the Neodymium-Yag Lyra i Laser is applied from the surface of the skin, performing shots all along the treated vein area, allowing for a quick and safe sealing of the vein, as just the sclerosing substance is not enough. 
This technique allows the sealing and closing of thick varicose veins without surgery and no hospital stay is required, the patient can immediately return to their normal life. 
The application of this technique implies a previous consultation with the specialist to evaluate the patients’ situation and establish if this is the ideal technique for the case. Source: Instituto Medico Miramar

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