Results will be better in the areas without hormonal influence, in the areas where all the hair is produced during the development period or puberty. Thereby, the areas with better results will be the groin, armpits and legs. The sessions will be done with a minimum interval of 6 weeks and they will be extended as the hair growth slows down. The estimated time per session will vary depending the area to be treated; armpits can be depilated in 10 minutes and groin in 15 minutes. 

The most appropriated systems for these areas are lApogee Alejandrita laser, Gentlelase Alejandrita laser, Harmony XL Platform, Harmony XL SHR, BBL Sciton, Epilight and Soprano SHR Diode Lasers and Lightheer.. 
Laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL)
Both technologies are valid; the doctor is the responsible of choosing one or other technique to perform the medical permanent depilation taking in account the patient’s characteristics. In Miramar Medical Institute we have all the available systems for medical photoepilation, with more than 13 years experience in their use.
Both the laser and the Intense Pulsed Light work through a process called “Selective Photothermolysis” (Photo: light, thermal: heat; lysis: destruction) and selective because it only will work if the hair and the follicle are composed of a pigment called melamine. Source: Instituto Medico Miramar

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