Otoplasty is not a very aggressive surgical technique and can be carried out perfectly with local anaesthetic except with little children, for who general anaesthetic is recommended and in normal conditions it doesn't require hospital admission.

It is carried out in surgery and be means of an incision in the lower part of the ear, structure and position of the auricle cartilage is modified, which is the ears' support and mould. Once the cartilage is modified and brought back, the extra skin is adapted to the new form and position of the ear, without any obvious sign in front.

The operation takes about an hour and an a half and then the patient can return home.
The patient needs a bandage or hair band to keep the ear in its new position for two weeks, moment at which the stitches are taken out and then the band or bandage only be needed at night. The procedure permits a nearly immediate incorporation to normal life, but, with the use of a discrete hair band for two weeks.

Source: Instituto Medico Miramar

Trip requirements

3 days (10 stitches)

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