Mouthguards are created on models, which are simulations made from previous impressions of the top jaw, made by a qualified dentist and his professional team.  Proper diagnosis, design and measurement are essential for the prevention of oral and facial lesions. They can also help to reduce the impact of blows received to the facial area and reduce damage to the brain and other parts of the head and neck.

About 10% of sporting accidents involve the head, and the seriousness of the injuries largely depends on age and the type of sport being practised.
The impact of the shock often causes breakage, loss and even displacement of the upper teeth, a situation which not only affects how a person looks, but also phonation and chewing.
Using a mouth guard also prevents other injuries that affect the tongue, gums, cheek and lips, which are also exposed to impacts.
Cuevas y Queipo Dental Clinic creates guards using very flexible materials that are durable and hygienic. They adhere perfectly to the anatomy of the mouth, avoiding breathing difficulties unlike standard guards, which have the disadvantage of being more rigid and can present adaptation problems, increasing the risk of suffering from serious consequences of the impact.
New generation mouth guards are created on a dental impression made by a qualified dentist and his professional team.
Help prevent jaw injury.
Reduce oral, dental and facial lesions.
Remain in position during impact.
You can still breathe and talk without difficulty when wearing them.
Can be individually identified.
Remain unchanged for a long period of time.
Are created to suit your age and sporting activity.
Sports that require oral protection
There are two groups of sporting activities where there is an increased probability of accidents occurring according to their risk category:
High-risk sports: Martial arts, boxing, football, hockey, skating, cycling, rugby, basketball, skiing.
Medium-risk sports: Horse riding, paragliding, squash, water polo.
All people involved in sporting activities should have an oral examination with a specialised dentist.
This examination should be accompanied by a panoramic X-ray of the entire oral cavity.
This is especially important for children who play a sport at school and for adolescents who take part in sporting competitions.
Mouthguards must be used in contact sports.
Source: Cuevas y Queipo Dental Clinic

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