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Laser assisted liposuction or Lipolaser is a high precision, low invasion, laser procedure, indicated in the correction of localized obesities that are resistant to weight loss that provoke alterations of the body siluette (jowl, "spare tyre"(fat around the waist), "saddle bags"(fat on the hips and thighs), etc), in certain areas of the body, caused by excess fat and that do not disappear with diets or physical exercise or with cosmetic, aesthetic or medical treatments. 

It is a technique that allows the remodellation of the silluette, volume reduction and reduce sagging, with the following characteristics:
It takes between 1 and 4 hours.
It is an outpatient process, it does not require hospitalization. The patient can return to his/her normal life in 24 or 48 hours.
Local anaesthesia can be used, that is, that the patient is conscious throughout the whole procedure, giving us the possibility of evaluating the results before the intervention is over.
This procedure avoids traumatic incisions, stitches and large scars.
Our Lipolaser system users a technology based on the 980-1470 nm diode laser, that has a high affinity with fatty tissue and promotes skin firmness.
The technique consists of:
Through the smallest incision a 1,5mm diametre cannula is inserted in the subcutaneous fat, at the end of which there is the optic fibre that transmits the laser energy.
This energy produces the destruction of the fat. The fatty tissue is destroyed through a physic-chemical phenomenon of liquefaction (effect known as lipolysis). The fat becomes a liquid emulsion that is left for the body to reabsorb or it can be extracted through aspiration through a cannula. The affinity of the laser for fat makes it exclusively destroy the fat, without damaging any other tissue. It works with transillumination thanks to the guide-light that the fibre possesses, making it easier to control the process and the exact position of the same.
As well as the destruction of the fatty tissue, thanks to the exclusive and innovative effect that this technology has, produced by the wave length of 980-1470 nm.,the laser provokes the coagulation of the small vessels of the fatty tissue and stimulates the colagen reorganization in the superficial dermis provoking an effect of cutaneous tensing or immediate reaffirmation. The retraction of the skin and the induction of the formation of colagen because of the effect of the laser not only avoid sagging, so common after the traditional liposuction, it also produces an important reaffirmation of the treated area (similar or superior to the one produced by other anti-sagging techniques, like radiofrequency).
Lipolaser can be used to treat all those body areas where there is fatty tissue. These areas include:
Exterior of the thighs.
Interior of the thighs.
Works with good results on:
The jowl.
Sagging on the top and interior of the arms.
Appearance of breasts in men (gynecomastia).
Accumulated fat around the underarms.
Unremovable "spare tyre" fat in the top area of the back or lumbar area.
Fat accumulation known as "bra roll".
Fat accumulation on abdomen or pubis (with important sagging).
"Saddle bags" (excess of fat on the thighs).
Subgluteous folds.
Interior of the thighs.
Localized fat on the interior and top of the knees or the calfs.
Liposuction retouching already performed that have left irregularities.
Accumulation of fat in neck, arms, back, abdomen, thighs, hips or legs, especially if they are associated to important sagging, can be treated with this new technology. 
The technique is performed with local anaesthesia and the intervention is performed in the outpatients department (no hospitalization is required).
Less surgical trauma by provoking the movilization of the fat by a thermal and photonic effect, not mechanical.
This laser produces a greater coagulation of those used in medicine. Decrease of post-operative bleeding risks thanks to the coagulating effect of the laser. Bleeding throughout the procedure and after it is reduced so the inflammation and possibilities of bruising are minimum.
Better post-operatory recovery thanks to the small development of bruises and scant inflammatory reaction. The process is performed on the outpatient department, there is no hospitalization required. The patient can return to their normal lifestyle in 24-48 hours.
24 hours rest is enough before returning to daily routine. A girdle must be worn for about 2 or 3 weeks.
Heat favours the post-operatory retraction, avoiding sagging and lowering.
It can be used on areas with skin sagging, thanks to the cutaneous tensing effect, in which a traditional liposuction cannot be used.
Its small diametre makes it slide with extreme smoothness between the fat, allowing for easier tunelling, safer and less traumatic, with optimal results in small areas, of difficult access for conventional instrumental. It is easier for the professional as it is a smaller effort. Because it is a flexible fibre is it more comfortable for the professional.
It also treats localized areas that are difficult to access. Areas before impossible to access, are now obtaining satisfactory results with lipolysis laser.
It does not require general, epidural or other important anaesthesia.
Hospitalization is not required nor important anaesthetic procedures so the surgical risk is reduced.
Stretching and reaffirmation of the skin is produced (anti-sagging effect).
A less aggressive treatment.
It avoids the distorsion of the tissue, so the possible asymmetries are scant.
Minimum post-operatory problems.
A faster healing and less inactivity time. It allows the return to the usual activity in 24-48 hours.
Less bleeding and bruising.
Solves adherences that develop in areas treated with conventional liposuctions.
Smaller fatty accumulations can be treated.
It allows the observation of the treated areas with the patient STANDING IN SURGERY, BEFORE THE INTERVENTION IS OVER.
Conventional liposuctions show results that are darkened by the sagging and excess of skin, that is incapable of retraction and adjusting to a more discreet profile.
To have liposuction, the candidate must fulfill these requirements:
Not being overweight. It is not recommended to those persons that are more than 15% overweight to have a laser liposuction.
Enjoy good health. A person that is treated of a liposuction must enjoy good health, not have cardiovascular illness or diabetes or any other problems of the immunological system that could make the surgery or the recovery difficult. Before the intervention we perform pre-operatory checks by electrocardiograms and pre-operatory analysis.
The skin must have enough elasticity: A person that wants a liposuction must have a firm and elastic skin, that adjusts to the new contour after the treatment.
The person must not have had surgical in the area to be treated.
A bad candidate will be a person:
With an important excess weight, hyper-tension and blood circulation problems.
This surgery is not recommended to those that have respiratory or cardiac problems.
Not appropriate to pregnant woman and decompensated diabetics.
Although the discomfort after the treatment is minimum, the following indications must be followed:
The patients can wear a compression girdle to measure, depending on the treatment area and the recommendations of the doctor, for two or three weeks.
Normally soft lymphatic draining massages can be performed on the treated area from the 6th day of treatment, 6 to 8 sessions in following days being recommended. At Instituto Medico Miramar we have lymphdrainers formed at the prestigious Vodder school for this task.
Patients must avoid intense exercise for about 21 days.
Antibiotics are recommended to avoid infections and the use of anti-inflammatories of the Ibuprofen type that our protocol will recommend.
The patient must return for a follow-up according to the doctor's criteria, normally in the period that the doctor indicates after the procedure.
At Instituto Médico Miramar we have been performing liposculptures from 1989 and we have all the modern technologies used in liposculpture (Lipolaser, Body-Jet WALL, Tumescent Technique). Each one of these has to be applied according to the characteristics of the patient and the desired results. 
Our specialists will kindly inform you in a no cost informative appointment, advising the kind of liposculpture that you need. Do not hesitate to ask anything you need. 
Source: Instituto Medico Miramar

Other names

Laser Assisted Liposuction

Trip requirements

7 days after surgery (16 M.L.D)

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