Lipocavitation is a new technology developed for the treatment of localized obesity in patients who don't have generalised obesity. Lipocavitation is a non aggressive treatment based on the effect that high energy ultrasounds exercise on fatty tissue, in which a phenomenon denominated "cavitation" is provoked. This means the formation of small bubbles in the fat cells implode, their membrane breaking, causing the selective elimination of the aforementioned cells and their contents, which are eliminated through naturally, without surgery. 

The treatment is carried out in various sessions and is painless and with no discomfort of any type for the patients. 
The loss of centimetres produced varies and oscillates between 2 and 6 centimetres, depending upon the characteristics of the patient and the type of fat which has to be eliminated. It should be pointed out that Lipocavitation isn't a treatment for general obesity; it should only be employed in overweight or norm-weight patients who have localized obesity which dietary treatment doesn't reduce. 
Before treatment it is necessary to carry out a prior study of all patients, a detailed medical history, a blood analysis in which lipidic alterations are ruled out, an ultrasound of the fatty tissue in the area to be treated. A study of the physical exercise recommended immediately after each session, is carried out on a monitored elliptic bicycle, with which the patient will be explained what type of exercise they should carry out. 
The contraindications of Lipocavitation are therefore basically, generalized obesity, fatty liver, uncontrolled arterial hypertension, lipidic disorders such as elevated triglycerides or cholesterol, and diabetic patients. 
Lipocavitation is an exclusively medical technique, greatly effective when suitable and the patients are selected correctly. It should only be applied by doctors experienced in the treatment of alterations to the body's contours. Only with a correct evaluation of the patient by an expert doctor will the best results be achieve the without risks. Source: Instituto Medico Miramar

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