Improvement of the external female genitalia has been brilliantly developed in recent years to offset the effects of ageing, the consequences of pregnancies and vaginal deliveries and some congenital anatomical abnormalities of that area.

The most common procedures performed in this area are:
1.- Labia Minor reduction or labiaplasty.
The shape and size of the labia minor is variable, but there is a certain number of cases in which alterations are visible and need surgical correction. The reduction of the size and correction of sagging is performed with different techniques. This surgery is performed in the outpatient department, with local anaesthetic and sedation, with a convalescence period of about three days and recovery of sexual relations in approximately four weeks. The resulting scar is hardly visible.
2.- Labia Majora Remodelation .
We can reduce the volume or correct sagging by the use of techniques similar to those used with labiaplasty, or to give the area a more youthful appearance and regain lost volume with infiltrations of the bodies’ own fat (fat grafting).
3.- Pubic remodelling.
Bulging of the pubic area can happen without suffering from excess weight and can even be visible when fully clothed. It can be caused by massive weight loss or the performance of an abdominoplasty. The treatment consists of disposing of the excess of fat through liposuction and, if sagging exists, performing a lifting of the area through an incision similar to a caesarean. 
Source: Instituto Medico Miramar

Other names

Labia Minor Reduction

Trip requirements

5 days after surgery

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