The K-Laser allows to treat certain pathologies that were previously out of reach with other laser systems, and it has become the most exceptional tool in rehabilitation, sports physiotherapy and pain therapies.

Along with the treatment, the laser energy helps to increase the blood circulation and the input of water, oxygen and nutrients to the affected area. It also helps to create an ideal environment for healing and reducing the inflammation and rigidity. As soon as the area is recovered, the functionality is restored and the pain alleviated. The Class IV laser therapy, , has demonstrated its efficiency in bio-stimulation and regeneration of tissue. This laser accelerates the process of healing and diminishes inflammation, pain and the formation of scar tissue. It can also result in extraordinary results in the control of pain without causing addiction or any other secondary effects.
The K-series laser has become a painless alternative with no secondary effects to the pharmacology treatments or surgery.
The K-1200 is different from other lasers thanks to its high power (12W), its use of double length wave (800nm and 970nm, unique in the world) and its exclusive way of emission (ISP) to treat deep tissue and reduce the length of the treatment periods.
Source: Sohail Physiotherapy Clinic

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