Fractional Laser Rejuvenation


The technological evolution of facial rejuvenation techniques have meant the appearance of laser systems that allow us to treat different stages of skin ageing with less aggressive techniques, with shorter periods of recuperation for the patient and less invasive anaesthetic procedures. Fractional lasers are a significant step forward in “a la carte” facial anti-ageing treatments, thanks to its diversity we can treat each of the facial ageing stages with less aggressive laser systems and with a minimum recuperation period for the patient. 

Fractional lasers or lasers with fractional technology have the characteristic of having multiple spots by shot in the same area of treatment, so a uniform ablation of all the surface of the skin in one shot is not produced, as it is not treated in its totality by the laser, just in a porcentage that can be larger or smaller depending on the number of spots by treatment area, this being a variable number depending on the system used. For each shot of the laser we are treating a determinate percentage of skin area, leaving areas of the skin untreated between each spot, allowing for a quick healing for non treated areas. Fractional lasers “drill” the skin, leaving areas of tissue untouched, from which a fast recuperation will happen. 
1. The spots penetrate the skin forming small micronetic columns. 
 2. Epithelialization is complete in the first 48 hours producing three dimensional skin retraction. 
The Miramar Medical Institute has been using all kinds of fractional lasers for years, from the basic to the advanced, necessary to treat all cases of skin ageing, using:
-Fractional Lasers Píxel Erbio-Yag 2940 nm.
-Fractional Lasers of Erbio-Glass 1540 Matisse.
-Fractional Lasers Pixel CO2 10.600 nm.
In all cases it is necessary to establish a correct diagnosis of the degree of facial ageing to indicate the most adequate medical treatment for each case, as with these lasers we can eliminate wrinkles, small skin pigmentations, acne marks, giving the face luminosity and returning a youthful look to skin that has been aged by the sun. 
Source: Miramar Medical Institute

Other names

Erbio-Yag 2940nm, Erbio-Glass 1540, Pixel CO2

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