Flexion-Distraction Bed


The technique of FLEXION-DISTRACTION is particularly useful in discs pathologies: protrusion or herniated disc, discartrosis and spinal stenosis.
-Increases the inter-discal somatic space and thus facilitates the reduction of herniation.
-Produces a suction effect that that helps to raise the disc and position it in its correct space:
centripetal effect.
-Created by intermittent traction, a discal pumping process that fights against edema and re-hydrates the disc.
-Reduces strain on the joint posterior vertebral ligament and moves away the drive of sensitive structures.
-Decompresses the sides and stretched articular capsules of rhythmic form, stimulates the mechanoreceptors, producing analgesia and a reduction in muscle tone.
-Traction inhibits the spasm of the transverse-spinosos (deeper muscles of the lumbar area) responsible for part of the pain.
-Alternating sides between open-close activates the "gate control" system: saturating the central nervous system, producing a great relief in pain.
It has some benfical effects for herniated discs and the SOhail clinic uses it with great results.
At the same time the stretcher has a DROP system, allowing staff to adjust the column under spinal decompression, multiplying its effectiveness at the same time.
With this system,even more acute and painful cases can be treated, regulating the parameters so that the patient tolerates the Flexion Distraction process.
Source: Sohail Physiotherapy Clinic

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