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Face lifts are a surgical procedure carried out in an operating theatre, usually with general anaesthetic, (but not always) and nearly always needs a day's admission in hospital, above all to control the first 24 hours. It isn't a sole procedure, it is a combination of specific surgical treatments individualised for each case. We restore the skin and muscle to its original layout by means of long and short incisions, incisions under the chin, behind the ears, hidden in the hair. The choice of incision or route will depend on the surgeon, the area the patient wants improved and their needs.  The face lift is accompanied by liposuction of the neck and face if necessary, blefaroplasty, laser resurfacing for small wrinkles, filling materials, fat grafts. It is to say, it is a complete treatment destined to recuperate lost beauty, placing the facial structure in its original position by means of incisions and complementary treatments. 

Depending upon the type of face lift carried out, the operation will last from two to four hours, after which drainage tubes and compression bandages are left. Face lifts are a relatively aggressive surgery and need some two weeks for complete recuperation. The cicatrisation develops during the first months, but as of two weeks makeup can be used.


How will be the scars?
Usually, the face lift scars are extended from the scalp behind the ear, behind and in front the ear and the temple skin area.
Depending on the lifting type, scar will be more or less extended.

How long do results take?
As every surgical treatment in which the final results depend on the skin quality, face lift is not a surgery that lasts forever.
If the skin is elastic, results will be last less time.
If the patient loses lots of weight, results will get damage earlier.

What alternatives do I have to face lift?
Face lift is an aggressive procedure for the patient and it’s adequate for a few situations, there are other alternatives to improve the facial flaccidity as the thread lifts (the old gold threads), radiofrequency, liposuction, cavitation, mesotheraphy or laser.
Will my wrinkles be removed?
As a general rule, we must think that facelift is used to remove the face flaccidity, the excess of skin and laser is used to remove wrinkles.

Source: Instituto Médico Miramar

Trip requirements

One day clinical admission

10 days after surgery

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