Virtual mesotherapy is a system that allows the transdermal introduction of pharmacological and cosmetic products by electrodiffusion being an alternative to injections. 
Virtual facial mesotherapy has no secondary effects, it is effective and practically painless that returns to the face, neck and cleavage its luminosity and smoothness. 
Electroporation allows the penetration of active principles through the skin effectively.
The advantages of electroporation are the absence of pain, bruising and it is compatible with periods of sun.
An association of active principles that stimulate the production of dermal collagen, producing an retraction of the collagen fibres, compacting them and producing a tensing effect to states of sagging. Attenuates and smoothes wrinkles produced by sagging of the skin by a re-affirming and immediate action that increases its firmness and elasticity. 
Dehydrated skin: (hydroregulating treatment) 
Its action lies in its great capacity to restore and maintain a high degree of skin hydration. Giving the skin more elasticity and a repairing effect, allowing a restructure of the damaged epidermis. It accelerated the natural regeneration process of the skin, helping with a fast recovery from external aggressions. Neutralizes oxidative processes, reducing free radicals and acts against ageing.
Revitalizing (anti-ageing treatment)
Stimulates fibroblastic activity participating directly in the production of collagen and elastin increasing the extracellular matrix of the dermis. The contribution of various active principles prevents a possible disorganization of the connective tissue, or a dysfunction of the cellular metabolism, inhibiting premature cellular ageing and producing a high degree of skin hydration and tissue regeneration.
Once the session is over, we will perform a biophotomodulation with a LED ONMILUX Revive light, an application of this light, for 20 minutes, with the object of favouring the synthesis of the patients’ own collagen and help the effects of the facial mesotherapy that has been applied previously.
Source: Miramar Medical Institute


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