Breast Reduction, Mastopexy and Implants


The reduction in breasts is a surgical procedure which is carried out in an operating theatre under general anaesthetic and requires one days admission in hospital. During the procedure, which takes about three hours, the volume of the breast is reduced to the desired size, the areola is reduced in size until proportional to the new volume of the breast and they are both placed at a suitable position and height to give a more youthful appearance. The breasts are left firmer, lighter and with a more suitable shape. We should always remind the patient what is the most suitable volume and position for their thorax and height. To carry out this operation marks will be left depending upon the technique used but inevitably there will be one around the areola and one vertical scar.
After the procedure drainage tubes are left in place along with a special brassier which acts as a compression bandage.
The patient can return to their normal life style in about three days after the operation, although, there will be discomfort, controlled by medication during the first two weeks. The scars will be visible during the first months and definitive shape of the breasts will be obvious past two months

When a patient has an excessive volume or fallen breast we will refer to breast reduction, when the problem is only fallen breast we will refer to mastopexy.




Source: Instituto Medico Miramar

Other names

Mammaplasty, Mammoplasty

Trip requirements

10 days stay after surgery (21 stitches)


Trip requirements

10 days stay after surgery (21 stitches)

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