Breast Augmentation and Mastopexy, Rounded Implants


Unlike the breast reduction, the problem adressed by mastopexy isn't the excess of volume but the exaggerated flaccidity of the breasts which can be accompanied by a loss in volume, as can occur in pregnancy and latency. The procedure is carried out in an operating theatre, under general anaesthetic with a days admission in hospital. By means of incisions similar to those done in reduction although nearly always shorter, we give the breast firmness, it is situated in a more suitable position and we give it the youthful form desired. In the case that we need to give it volume we use a silicone gel prosthesis.

The postoperative cares and evolution don't differ much from the that needed in breast reduction.  
Source: Instituto Médico Miramar

Trip requirements

7 days stay after surgery (15-21 stitches)

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