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There are many reasons why a woman might decide to have a surgical operation to increase the volume of her breasts, but the most important is usually a reduction or loss of her feminine identity because she is not happy with the volume of her existing breasts.

Everybody knows that within each persons’ aesthetic ideal, a woman’s breasts must be in proportion according to volume, form and position in relation to her thorax and height. There is not a woman in the world that does not know or imagine how her ideal breast should be and there are many that take that definitive step to reach that goal.

Breasts augmentation is a surgical intervention that is done in an operating room, usually with a deep sedation or general anaesthetic, with an approximate duration of one or two hours and if it is done in the morning, the patient does not have to stay overnight. Depending on each individual case, the silicone gel prosthesis will be placed in front of or behind the pectoralis mayor muscle to obtain a more harmonious result with the patients’ thorax and breasts. The placement of the prosthesis can be performed through various locations. The prosthesis can be placed through a semi-circular incision in the aureole, through an incision in the inferior fold of the breasts and, in exceptional cases, through the armpit.
The selection of one or another location will depend on the patients’ wishes, on the surgeons’ needs, always looking for the most appropriate solution and not forgetting that the end result must be the same independently of the location chosen.
After the surgeon the breasts will feel sensitive for a while and there will be an inflammation period that will vary from patient to patient. All should be well in about three weeks, a good programme of massages will be necessary and some care.
Obviously, breast implants do not interfere in the natural evolution of the breasts, so the usual explorations and breastfeeding will not be affected.

Source: Instituto Medico Miramar

Other names

Breast Enlargement, Mammoplasty, Mammaplasty

Trip requirements

7 days after surgery

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