Body-Jet Liposculpture


Liposculpture assisted by serum under presure has meant a step further in the search of solutions everless agressive on treating body countours with maximum levels of saftey for the patient. Instituto Médico Miramar is currently the only centre in Spain which carries out this technique, which has been sufficiently endorsed by more than 15 centres throughout Europe. Body-Jet permits liposculpture in a simple, practicle way with maximum comfort and safety for patients. The classical infiltrations that are carried out in tradition liposculpture, in Body-Jet are carried out with maximum care and precision, causing minimum trauma to the tissues. All this translates in the quick reincorporation of the patient into thier social life with minimum molestias.  

Body-Jet has meant a very significant advance in tradition liposculpture, and its principal advantages are:
- Significant reduction in the operating time: operation lasts less time and is more comfortable for both the patient and the surgeon.
- Significant reduction in the amount of anaesthesia used: Al infiltrar suero con anestesia a presión y extraer al mismo tiempo se reducen totalmente las molestias intraoperatorias del paciente y se utiliza mucha menos anestesia local, permitiendo así tratar áreas más grandes con mucha mayor seguridad.
- Less traumatic: techniques for the tissues: the serum at pressure seperates the tissue's fat without damaging them, causing nearly no bleading and so a lot less inflammation.
- Absense of bruises and hematomas: On being trauma of the technic being very little, the patient doesnt suffer pain during the days after the operation, an on top of this has very few bruises, needing less pain medication.
- Reduction in the recuperation time: on being a very litlty agressive technic, the patients reincorporation to work is a lot quicker than with other liposculpture techniques. Source: Instituto Medico Miramar

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