Blepharoplasty Upper or Lower


One of the first visible signs of the natural ageing process is the change in the harmony and proportions of the eye and eyelids area.

As time goes by we can see how the eyebrow tail becomes heavier and starts falling down, we start appreciating an excess of tissue in the superior eyelid. We can also see how the well known crow's feet and the first wrinkles start getting marked.
All this natural process has a result a tired eye look, a lack of happiness and bright in the eyes that needs to be restored. The surgical process that brings out this “little miracle” is called Blepharoplasty..

Surgical procedure
Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure performed with local anaesthesia and surgical sedation. This procedure removes the tissue excess in the eyelids and the loads of fat. It is usual that in the superior eyelids there is a high excess of tissue and low fat quantity, the inferior eyelids have less skin excess but they have more fat. During the surgical procedure the doctor reviews and repairs the orbicular muscle and if the patient wishes and sees convenient, the eye shape can be varied in a conservative manner.
Removing the inferior eyelid swellings can be performed using an external route when we also need to remove a skin excess or by a internal route called transconjuntival route in young patients without tissue excess.

In both cases results can be improved using Pixel Erbio or Pixel CO2 laser, ,performing a periorbital resurfacing in the area to remove thin wrinkles, all in the same surgical procedure.

Stitches are removed in 6 days, hematomas and inflammation start remitting in this period.
We mustn’t be worried about scars, in two months they will become practically imperceptibles.
After the procedure we must be very careful with eyes, we must protect them with suntan lotion and with sunglasses, we must keep the scars continuously moisturized.

The final objective of this procedure is not to change the eye look expression; the objective is to recover the youth, luminosity and bright loss while time passes by, without losing the expressivity and our eyes’ identity stamp.



Can I lose my eye look expression?
Blepharoplasty final objective is to remove the eye ageing signs, so we will remove the tissue excess, fat excess and small wrinkles without changing the eye look expression.
During the first weeks the eyes will have a more rounded appearance but it will disappear in a month.

In how many days will I have a normal life?
This is a surgical procedure with a fast recovery period, around a week after the procedure the patient can go back to his/her normal social life without complications with a good makeup.
Is laser used in this procedure?
Laser in a Blepharoplasty is used to remove the superior or inferior eyelid small wrinkles that cannot be removed stretching the tissue.
Even, in the most favorable cases we are able to remove the scars in the inferior eyelid.


Source: Instituto Medico Miramar

Other names

Eyelids surgery

Trip requirements

5 days after surgery

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