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Active-K is a unit that offers an exclusive range of rehabilitation therapies through a single device. Thanks to the advantages of continuous passive movements (CPM), controlled active movements (CAM) therapy and integrated protocols, the patient may recover the coordination and reduce the proprioceptive deficit.  An avant-garde sensory technology is integrated to measure the force exerted by the patient.  The use of the Active-K unit allows patients to recover the mobility of the knee and the hip pain-free very quickly after surgery and stimulates the healing process. In addition to it, the active component of the unit is suited to rapidly improve proprioception and functional stability (force) and, therefore, the coordination.  Therapeutic exercises of reinforcement through concentric, eccentric and isometric muscle contractions can be made in order to achieve these objectives.
The additional advantages of the use of the equipment for the patient are:
-Improvement of the articulation metabolism
-Prevention of joint rigidity
-Stimulation and regeneration of cartilage and damaged ligaments
-Acceleration in the re-absorption of hematomas
-Improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation
-Prophylaxis of thrombi and stroke
-Transition from passive movements to active training using resistance during
rehabilitation exercises
-Accelerate the coordination and sensorial perception after a surgical intervention
Treatment with Artromot Active-K is the perfect complement to the patient´s knee rehabilitation.
Source: Sohail Physiotherapy Clinic

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