As time goes by in general, with pregnancy and abdominal surgeries in particular, the abdominal area suffers and aesthetic diseases appear. These aesthetic diseases can be fixed with aesthetic surgery methods. The abdominal area is one of the main areas where the fat is accumulated in the human body, when an evident fat excess appears it can be removed with liposuction. 

Pregnancy and absence of sport causes tone loss in the abdominal musculature that tends to produce prominent abdomen. To fix this problem we need to sew up the musculature in the average line to recover the adequate muscle tone. When these three factors appear together: fat accumulation, tissue excess and muscular tone loss the surgical solution is an abdominal dermolipectomy or abdominoplasty..
Pregnancy and abrupt and accused weight changes produces tissue’s efforts that cannot be recovered and cutaneous flaccidity appears. This flaccidity must be corrected using skin wedge extirpation.
Abdominoplasty or abdominal dermolipectomy is a procedure usually performed with general anesthesia in a hospital and at least one day of clinical admission is needed. A horizontal incision is done at the pubic hair level, in a hidden place depending on the patient’s taste or the bikini and panties that usually uses. From the incision the muscle wall is repaired and the tissue and fat excess is removed.
During three weeks a girdle that holds the abdomen and controls the inflammatory process needs to be used. This procedure needs two weeks of relative rest until the stitches are removed. This procedure has evident and very satisfactory benefits: we remove the prominent belly, the cutaneous tails over the hair pubis; the abdomen striations and the fat excess. Definitively, we recover a plain and smooth belly that defines the waist enhancing the feminine figure. 
Source: Miramar Medical Institute

Other names

Tummy Tuck, Abdominal Dermolipectomy

Trip requirements

14 days (21 stitches)

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