Abdominoperineal Resection


An abdominoperineal resection is a surgery for rectal cancer or anal cancer.The principal indication for AP resection is a rectal carcinoma situated in the distal (lower) one-third of the rectum. Other indications include recurrent or residual anal carcinoma (squamous cell carcinoma) following initial, usually definitive combination chemoradiotherapy. APRs involves removal of the anus, the rectum and part of the sigmoid colon along with the associated (regional) lymph nodes, through incisions made in the abdomen and perineum. The end of the remaining sigmoid colon is brought out permanently as an opening, called a colostomy or ileostomy, on the surface of the abdomen. Source: Wikipedia


Other names

abdominoperineal resection of the rectum, abdominoperineal excision of the rectum, abdominoperineal excision, AP resection, APR

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