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Robin Reyes Eldblom

Ear, Nose and Throat

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María Dolores Alguacil M.D.
Francisco Javier Franco M.D.
Steinar Hofstad M.D.
Elena Monje M.D.
David Piedrola M.D.

ENT is the medical speciality covering prevention, diagnosis and both medical and surgical treatment of ear, nose, throat and neck diseases. Xanit International Hospital has become an important benchmark in this field, from carrying out hearing tests on newborns by means of acoustic otoemissions, evoked potential hearing tests and electrococleography, to complete hearing studies on adults with tonal, verbal audiometry and all tests that have been demonstrated to be useful in ENT examination. A broad portfolio of services, along with the best professionals, endorses our work in this field.


Avenida de los Argonautas, s/n  (Benalmádena)

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Ear, Nose and Throat

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