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Ignacio Álvarez Rey

Diagnostic Imaging

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Diego Alcaide M.D.
Celestino Gómez M.D.
Enrique Hernández M.D.
José Joaquín Muñoz M.D.
María Teresa Osuna M.D.
Cristina Ponce M.D.
César Ramos M.D.
Eva Rivada M.D.
Patricia Sánchez M.D.

Radiology and Nuclear Medicine are the specialities that use imaging to diagnose diseases to provide greater diagnostic quality. This is a highly specialised service that offers each patient the most beneficial and personalised solution depending on their disease to determine which image technique is the most appropriate, to get the most accurate diagnosis. This service is equipped with the most modern technology for managing digital image archives and communication. Radiology is also used to treat some disorders using barely invasive techniques guided by imaging as an alternative to open surgical interventions.


Avenida de los Argonautas, s/n  (Benalmádena)

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Diagnostic Imaging

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