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Juan Luis Valverde Junguito


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Eva Aldana Díaz M. D.
Gonzalo Javier Pérez Villarejo M. D.
José Manuel Antúnez Gálvez M. D.
Elsa Bueno Gaona M. D.
Alicia Jiménez Ruiz M. D.
David Méndez Molina M. D.
Antonio Torres López M. D.
Eugenio Vargas Machuca M. D.
Juan Manuel Pérez Moreno M. D.
Luis Felipe Jaime Montalván M. D.
Isabel Gómez Montoro M. D.
Marisa Fernández Jurado M. D.
José María Morales M. D.

Anaesthesiology is a medical speciality covering pain relief and overall surgical patient care before, during and after surgery. At Xanit International Hospital, we have a group of anaesthesiologists who are skilled in all areas of the speciality, administering anaesthetic and pre-operatory checks on patients. From external operating theatre areas (delivery room, radiology, neurosciences, etc.) to specialisation in more specific fields such as cardiothoracic and paediatric anaesthetic.


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