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Hospital El Angel was pioneer in Malaga in the treatment of complex processes in the field of private medicine. From the moment of its creation, its vocation was not only to perform minor procedures and provide obstetrics services as other clinics did, but also to treat other kind of pathologies, performing heart and thoracic surgeries, as well as neurosurgery. The hospital´s infrastructures were created to respond to these needs from the start. From a functional point of view, this development has resulted in the creation of specialized medical units with a multidisciplinary approach in the various specialties to allow for a better accessibility for patients. On the structural point of view, Hospital El Angel has recently been entirely remodeled, including the hospitalization area, to count with the most modern and functional rooms in the sector.

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Medical centre data

Creation year: 1982. Gross floor area: 13799. Rooms: 116. Beds: 133. Operation rooms: 10. ICU beds: 8.

Staff Med and Param

Full time: 107. Part time: 58. Subcontract: 59.

Staff Others

Full time: 82. Part time: 12. Subcontract: 49.

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Calle Corregidor Nicolás Isidro 16 Málaga

Main Certifications
  • CERTIFICACIÓN DE CALIDAD AVANZADA por la Agencia de Calidad Sanitaria - Junta de Andalucía
  • CERTIFICACIÓN ISO 9001:2008 con alcance a todas las áreas del Hospital - Bureau Veritas
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