"We are committed to be the best place in the world to regain your health"

July 1, 2015

Almost 80% of patients choose a destination in the Internet. Thus, the first objective of Malaga Health Foundation was to create a web page that provides all the medical information offered by Medical Care Units as well as other complementary services that make us a unique tourist destination. This is what "health tourism" is about. In www.malagahealth.com we have an exclusive tool, capable of relating any diseases to their possible tratments, doctors with credited experience, Health Clinics and even aproximate (or exact) cost of these procedures. As well as latest medical developments, courses, conferences and new medical approaches, all this permanently included in our web page. 

Besides, the foundation offers communication services to all its members. They organize the diffusion of latest information related to curriculum, scientific publications, articles and reports in national and international media. The foundation is working on the web page www.malagahealth.com to include necessary medical contents supported by specialized doctors. We have created a "Specialized Medical Guide" where content excellence is our seal.

Another main objective of our project is to develop the structures to control and certify our quality of services. One of the most prestigious certifying companies, the German company TÜV, has offered collaboration to create a specific protocol for "Malaga Health Accreditation". This is the only accreditation that includes clinics results. In addition, an ethical code Commission will attend any doubt or claim based on the services provided by this Foundation. Thus, the organization can select the best services and improve these to the highest standards.