The latest technology for tattoo removal

May 20, 2014

To respond to growing patient demand for tattoo removal, Miramar Medical Institute has incorporated the new technology platform PicoSure Laser. With this addition the centre becomes the first in Andalusia and second in Spain to offer this procedure, in addition to other types of Q-switched laser treatment for tattoo removal.
In recent years consultations on tattoo removal have greatly increased. “The reason that leads our patients to want to remove a tattoo is mostly their work situation" said Dr. Fernando Urdiales, Director of Miramar Medical Institute. Candidates for certain professions may see their possibility to get a job reduced if they have a visible tattoo.
So far, the Q -switched laser has been considered the standard method for removing tattoos and spots. Now tattoo removal is optimised thanks to PicoSure, it is the only ultrashort pulses laser that generates a photomechanical effect that disintegrates ink or pigment into tiny particles . Picosure is a powerful Q -switched Alexandrite 750 nm laser, aimed at the treatment of tattoos and pigmented lesions.  Its ultra-short pulse operates using the photomechanical effect to concentrate the laser energy in the tattoo or pigmented lesion, leaving the surrounding tissue intact thanks to the speed of the PS. To achieve this result, the pulse width used is a hundred times shorter than the nanosecond technology, thus allowing a single photomechanical impact for erasing tattoos or pigments into the skin, reducing by half the number of sessions needed.
This new laser can eliminate in a few sessions all kinds of colors including blue , dark green inks, rebellious and recalcitrant previously treated tattoos. Moreover, its greater efficiency in less time allows to optimally protect the skin integrity, respecting it and being much less painful.