May 19, 2014

The EPI (Intratisular Percutaneous Electrolysis) is a scarcely invasive physiotherapy technique consisting of a galvanic current application through an acupuncture needle.  This produces a process of inflammation very localized that would allow phagocytises and the regeneration of the affected soft tissue (tendon, ligament, muscle, etc.).

This technique was created by Dr. José Manuel Sanchez Ibáñez, physiotherapist, researcher and Abdel Monaim´s colleague.

Advantages before other treatments:

- It focuses on the area of the injury. Through the Ultrasound, it can be applied directly to the altered or degenerated tissue.

- It repairs the damaged tissue. EPI is able to activate the production of deconstructed collagen in this type of process.

- Immediate modifications in the structure and mechanical-biological behaviour of the soft tissue. This can be observed through the Ultrasound scan.

- It is proven to have very high effectiveness in relation to the usual physiotherapy treatments (ultrasound, laser, Cyriax, fibrolysis, shock waves, etc.) or physicians (pharmacology, infiltrations or surgery).

- The incidence of relapse is very low.

Most of Dr José Manuel Sanchez´s articles demonstrate the efficiency of this technique in very different pathologies which would otherwise have difficult treatment and prognosis.


The use of EPI is for chronic tendinopathy (pubalgia, Achilles´tendon tendinopathy, supraspinatus tendon tendinopathy…) and a number of musculoskeletal injuries, such as:

- chronic tendinopathy (patellar tendinopathy-tendinosis, hamstrings, pubalgia, epicondilytis)

- plantar fasciitis

- muscular break

- sprained knee internal lateral ligament

- chronic ankle sprain

- carpal tunnel syndrome

- tarso tunnel syndrome

- neuropathy: great results in sciatic pain…


1.The first step is localizing the area in trouble, which tends to be small and very deep. We will make use of a manual palpation looking for painful areas to the touch. This first step gives the physiotherapist an idea of where is the damage but to make it more precise we will need to use the musculoskeletal sound scan.

2.Once the affected area has been localized, we have agreed on a specific pathology and we know the area to be treated, we will set the program needed in the EPI equip.

3. Finally, we introduce the acupuncture needle directly to the focus of the injury under the direct vision of the sound scan and we apply the treatment.


- To the point and secure: very precise to the injury area with no risks thanks to the sound scan

- Personal: technique adapted to every patient

- Professional: only by expert physiotherapists formed in EPI and sound scan

- Scientific: backed up by numerous scientific articles, congresses and our own experience

- Advanced: endorsed by the most avant-garde researching in the field and the most

modern technology, noticing the use of the musculoskeletal sound scan Esaote

MyLab25 Gold.


It can only be manipulated by physiotherapists specifically formed on EPI. Sohail Clinic owns the official recognition title to use EPI in Málaga and Andalucía by its creator, Dr. José Manuel Sanchez. He also organizes several seminars in our virtual platform about Physiotherapy studies Fisiodocent.