Dental implants : treatment , price and tips

May 19, 2014

Loss or damage to a tooth may cause a significant impact on self-esteem and daily lives. Dental implants are a safe and effective solution for durable and aesthetic restoration.
Dental implants act as artificial roots anchored directly into the jawbone. Often the lack of teeth affects the rest position of healthy teeth which causes a stiffening of the muscles or joints. This creates headaches or migraines.
In the dental clinic, located in the center of Málaga , we are experts in the treatment of dental implants (especially in the case of zygomatic implants ) . So we want to respond to frequently asked questions by our patients:

What is the first step to place dental implants?

The team of Malaga Queipo Cuevas, with doctors Alberto Cuevas and Jose Montes at the front, analyse the results of each case by a 3D simulation.

Does the dental implant treatment produce discomfort?

Surgical procedures dental implant treatments are well established and are usually done with minimal or no discomfort.

What is the price of dental implants?

Diagnostic Checks and treatment depends on the individual patient. Keep in mind that the quality of dental implant material is also critical.

Does smoking have an impact on dental implants?

Smoking can negatively influence the results of treatment with dental implants even in those cases where there is no other additional risk factor, according to SEPA.

What is the maintenance after the placement of dental implants?

Maintenance checks are aimed at controlling the evolution of dental implants over time, detecting early any unfavorable situation that may arise and acting accordingly.