Any personal information included in the messages received by Málaga Health (hereinafter the Recipient) will be treated as strictly confidential, in accordance to the current legislation, and shall be used internally and exclusively for the purposes for which it was provided, unless the disclosing party (hereinafter the User) allows its use for a specific different purpose For instance:
•the User may request the Recipient to forward a message to a service provider
•the User may request the Recipient to disclose the identity of the User to a service provider, in order to benefit from discounts related to Málaga Health
•the User may allow the Recipient to disclose the identity of the User in the context of the internal investigation of a complaint or claim, in which the User might be involved.


The Members of Málaga Health are the providers for both the portfolio of services and the information related to those services exposed in our Web. Therefore, Málaga Health has no liability about the quality or results of the services, nor for the accuracy of the information displayed in the WEB site.
However, we would appreciate any remark about errors or misleading information in the WEB page, so that Malaga Health, after appropriate review, may take the necessary measures to mend them, or even remove that information from the database.
As an important part of our Quality-Control Policy, we would also appreciate the notification of claims or complaints about specific services or providers. This feedback from the users of the services will allow us to start internal investigation procedures, and to take, in case, disciplinary actions against members that not meet our quality standards.