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Nowadays, removing tattoos are one of the most frequent treatments in Aesthetic Medicine. There are two basic types of tattoos: Professionals and amateurs, being most easy to remove the amateurs’ ones, requiring less treatment sessions, removing professional tattoos is also feasible. 

For a precise tattoo removal mono or multi color, it is necessary to have diverse Q-Switched lasers that thanks of their different wavelength, one per color, allows removing tattoos’ pigments in a progressive manner, being easier removing dark pigments than clear ones.
In Miramar Medical Institute we provide all the latest technology laser systems. The nowadays available laser systems are: Neodimio-YAG Q-Switched laser (1064, 694, 532 nm), QC-Plus, Alejandrita Q-Switched (755 nm) Laser, Alex LAZR, Alex Quantum 1064 nm, Nd-Yag Harmony (1064-532 nm) Laser. .
Combining treatments with this technology allows removing in a definitive and usually total manner amateurs and professional tattoos. The treatment is done applying an anesthesia lotion and in diverse sessions established by an expert doctor depending on the case. Source: Instituto Medico Miramar

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