A hydrocele denotes a pathological accumulation of serous fluid in a body cavity. It can also be noted as a minor malformation of newborns due to high levels of lead in the mother's blood during pregnancy.

A hydrocele testis is the accumulation of fluids around a testicle, and is fairly common. It is caused by fluid secreted from a remnant piece of peritoneum wrapped around the testicle, called the tunica vaginalis. It can be the result of cancer, trauma (such as a hernia), or orchitis, and can also occur in infants undergoing peritoneal dialysis. It may be treated surgically. Hydroceles are usually not painful, but neither are testicular tumours. A common way of diagnosing a hydrocele is by attempting to shine a strong light through the enlarged scrotum. A hydrocele will usually pass light, while a tumour will not. A related region in females that can have a hydrocele is the canal of Nuck. Source: Wikipedia

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