Diabetic Retinopathy


Diabetic retinopathy can be of two types:

NON PROLIFERATIVE RETINOPATHY. Is the most initial phase. Along the years the high levels of sugar in blood go damaging the blood vessels of the retina. Al to be returned these very fragile small hemorrhages in the shape of point are produced. In this first phase, the retinopatía diabetic does not be used to giving symptoms, since the small hemorrhages of the fund of eye do not hurt, and the vision is used to being conserved. 
At times, the fragility of the glasses is greater, and leaves to escape fluids since the interior of the blood capillaries that, if they are placed on the blemish, they produce a visual deterioration, above all in the central vision and closely.
PROLIFERATIVE RETINOPATHY. Al To advance the illness the alterations of the circulation retinian are greater, of such way that zones of the retina they exist that remain without receiving an adequate one contribute of blood.
They begin to organize then new blood vessels that try to be directed toward these zones. To this process him is called new-vascularization. 
These new veins are very fragile, and they can break with facility, giving rise to large bled in the inside of the eye, that do that the person lose the vision of a sudden way.
Source: Instituto Ocular Marcos

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