Cellulite is a circulatory system disorder which affects to inferior extremities and which signs are heavy legs, orange peel skin, coldness, nodules, micro varicose veins and pain, producing an unaesthetic leg appearance. Legs can be thin or thick; cellulite must not be confused with localized obesity in legs that requires a different treatment. Cellulite usually appears in these periods: puberty, start taking the contraceptive pill, pregnancy and menopause, being necessary to perform the right treatment to know the origin of this disease which affects to 63% of women in our country. 

Nowadays cellulite treatment is focused, depending on the type (solid, soft or edematosa), to diverse treatment protocols. It is necessary a previous diagnostic of the patient performed by a doctor who make a clinical history and evaluate the affectation degree, with this evaluation the most suitable treatment for each patient will be applied. 
There are numerous techniques which can be employed and combined to treat cellulite, these are:
- Mesotherapy: this technique has a parenteral route of administration, using micro injection of active drugs to fight against cellulite. It is performed weekly and its objective is to improve circulation and to produce lipolysis or rupture and cell death among adipocytes. In Spain, the only drugs authorized to be used in cellulite mesotherapy are homeopathic and exclusively used by doctors.
- Non invasive subdermal Therapy: this therapy is also called Endermologie LPG, which in addition to mesotherapy improves the return circulation and smoothes down the orange peel skin obtaining greatest results with a variable number of sessions and weeks, around 15 or 30 sessions are needed.
- Velashape:The latest technology used in the cellulite treatment, which in addition to mesotherapy and other techniques allows doing a subdermal therapeutic massage with infrared and bipolar radiofrequency. This therapy acts not only over the return circulation; it makes a great improvement in flaccidity (radiofrequency) and a considerable reduction of localized obesity (infrared). The treatment is done once a week; it doesn’t produce pain and requires around 10 or 15 sessions with a period of maintenance.
- Lymphatic drainage: it can be done manually or mechanic, using one or other method depending on the patient characteristics.
- Vibration therapy: Nowadays, it is used in the anticellulite treatment protocol. It consists in employing vibration platforms to tone up the muscles.
- Low power Laser He-Ne+IR: It is employed in certain anticellulite protocol treatments because of its effect that improves the circulation and is biomodulated.
Cellulite is a medical disease with aesthetic consequences that must be only treated by your doctor. 
Source: Insituto Medico Miramar

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